Blendery is a superfoods startup based in Singapore. We exist to share our love of superfoods good for your body without compromising on taste and flavour.

Our product range is antithetical to what the food industry has been dishing out for decades —highly processed foods which contain copious amounts of sugar, salt and chemicals which we all find hard to pronounce. Instead of propagating the old ways which may bring ourselves adverse health effects, Blendery has decided to use only the finest natural ingredients. Coupled with the utmost care in preparation, we produce small batch nutritious latte blends that are sugar-free and dairy-free without adding any preservatives.

Our superfood blends can be savoured anytime of the day as beverage mixes or as baking flavouring and colourings. They can become lattes or added to coffee, granola bars, pancakes, smoothie bowls and baked treats, etc. Let your imagination run wild and create those healthy delicacies you always craved for!